Excellence starts with the best training


We are happy to have the representatives of the site @streamateofficial @streamateeurope, in our new studio in Stefan cel Mare. Our models had the opportunity to get the information they wanted, directly from the people that matter. This experience was a delight - both literally and figuratively. #lourdesmodels


Specialized trainings, directly from our partners, top international sites


We have been often asked how is it possible that the Lourdes Models earn such high amounts of money? One of the secrets is the continuous training we offer, both through our trainers and through the regular visits we have from the top sites we work with. Today, we had the representatives of the site @livejasmin, in our new studio in Stefan cel Mare. When information is directly received from the best of the best, performance does not take long to arrive! #lourdesmodels & #livejasmin


The life of a #lourdesmodel


Be it mountain, sea, a sunny or a rainy day ;) we manage to support each other and enjoy the organized, team outings and our personalized photoshoots. Here, at Lourdes Studio, we bond and make friends, some of them lasting a lifetime, and being a model in our team means much more than having a job where you earn a lot of money… it’s a life experience.


For us, the nominations for these events are like the Oscars. We feel really excited each and every time. In 2021 alone, we won 3 awards :)

LiveCamAwards - 2021


Lalexpo Awards - 2019


LiveCamAwards - 2019


LiveCamAwards - 2018


LiveCamAwards - 2017