Xbiz Europe nominations


We are very proud to announce that one of our #lourdesmodels, Nathaniela, has been nominated for Cam Model of the Year at the annual 2023 XBiz Europa Awards. Nathaniela has been collaborating with us since 2019 and we are extremely proud of all her achievements until now. We wish her a lot of luck, and we truly hope that after all the hard work and implication throughout the years, she returns home from the Gala that will take place in September in Amsterdam with her very first award.


What a girl wants?


Like seashells Lourdes Studio's #lourdesmodels are beautiful and unique, each with a story to tell! Last weekend everything was about: Girls just wanna have SUN!

Because we love spending time together, the weekly shift times are not enough. We do also love the sun and the beach, so we went to the Black Sea, not all of us but most. We relaxed, played with the sand & in the waves, & enjoyed the sun. But we also made a lot of exclusive content for our member community, as we always think about them as well and include them whenever it's possible.


XBIZ Miami 2023


Recently, popular BongaCams models took part in an incredible webcam conference, XBIZ Miami 2023, taking place in the sunny city of Miami, USA! 🌴 Our #lourdesmodels VivienneRuth, RheaAnderson & EvieRose were invited 🌴
XBIZ Miami 2023 has become an event with endless opportunities and crazy energy for all the participants! The conference brought together a lot of prominent representatives in the adult industry, as well as webcam models, who got a great opportunity to exchange experiences and learn a lot of new useful information! 

Read the full article here


Lourdes Interview - Jasmin Model & Studio Owner


Lourdes has been in the industry for 16 years, first as a model and now both a model and studio owner. In this interview she gives an in-depth look into the emotionally connection between model & member. When she is looking to hire a model for her studio the number one thing she looks for is warmth, because that is what members need most. Lourdes says one of the things that sets Jasmin apart from other cam sites is that it’s the only site that allows free access that is still glamours and not trashy sexuality. Lourdes wishes the world could understand that this industry is saving lives of people who are in dark and challenging places, through providing connection. She said that after working on LiveJasmin for 16 years she’s very happy to see that the models have become as important as the members and that she sees this as one of the best improvements.


Lourdes Models at XBIZ Miami 2023 


We would like to start with a BIG thank you to Bonga Cams that has been inviting some of our #lourdesmodels and myself, to accompany them to XBIZ Miami this year. Thank you for the invitation, in the sunny Florida USA,  for making each and all of us feel like princesses, thank you for the beautiful memories that we have made together and thank you most of all for the outstanding collaboration and for all the appreciation towards us and our models!
There are not many words that we could use to show how much we have enjoyed everything that you offered us, but we would rather give the following pictures the chance to speak for themselves. As you can see it in our models faces, on their smiles, laughs, fun times they had beside you while enjoying the sun and the beautiful city in Miami Beach Florida.


LiveJasmin Academy


Some of our #lourdesmodels , together with some of our trainers had the pleasure to participate in a training offered by LiveJasmin Academy.
They were told the newest changes, that happened on the site in the last weeks, but were also taught, which tools are the most important to use, in order to efficiently use their time online and offline to get the most benefits out of it.
Congrats also Cristina, on winning at the offered tombola the latest iPhone & also to our model Mindy Grace for winning 30% more on her earnings for the next month!




In about one week some of our #lourdesmodels & I got a special invitation by @BongaCams, to travel to an amazing place.
Where, we will not be giving away yet, but we are are planning to do a lot of live's during our travels, immortalise the special moments, as much as we can ... stay tuned as I cannot tell on which channel we will definitely be, so better you subscribe everywhere to make sure you do not miss us!


Light, Camera, Action!


The life of our #LourdesModels is full of creativity ;) We have started our Burlesque-themed photo sessions! Femininity, sensuality + our own Fashion Designer who creates and adapts each outfit to the model's body and personality. Every detail is thought-out and perfectly adjusted to highlight that one unique feature each of us has. And, of course, every outfit created by our fashion designer is unique! An entire team of makeup artists, hair stylists, videographers, photographers prepare our models to make them feel like they are on stage ;)


Lourdes expresses her gratitude for her trainers and managers Bianca&Cristina by awarding each of them with the Most Dedicated Trainer Award, on stage @ Live Cam Awards 2023


By listening to her emotional speech, barely able to hold back her tears, you could tell how much appreciation and gratitude Lou has for Bianca’s and Cristina’s loyalty, hard work, commitment, and good results. Both of them were recognised as the Best Trainers and the two most important people within the Lourdes Studio, besides her models. 
Bianca has been loyal and devoted to both the #lourdesmodels and the Lourdes Studio for more than 10 years. Bianca created the first Top Models and helped well-known names in the industry to develop and grow. 
We can say the same about Cristina, who has been with Lourdes, Lourdes Studio, and #lourdesmodels for over 6 years now.  Showing the same devotion, love, and implication for the #lourdesmodels, who love and trust her very much. Her daily input, so valuable to her models, and the remarkable results are proof of the quality of her training.


Our mentor Lourdes being recognized by Live Jasmin, with a special speech on stage at Live Cam Awards 2023, for her outstanding results as a model & studio owner


The most special surprise of the evening & one that made Lourdes feel quite proud and appreciated by the Live Jasmin team, was the speech about herself, her career and all her achievements during the 16 years of collaboration as model and later with her loved Lourdes Studio & #lourdesmodels. This speech is unique in the industry and never been done before for a Model, nor studio alike.

We thank Live Jasmin for the special invite, for the perfect travel, stay, speech, appreciation, but most of all for 16 years of incredible collaboration and counting!


Most Innovative Live Cam Studio 2023 - Lourdes Studio @ Live Cam Awards 2023 Gala


We are convinced that innovation is an important ingredient of success, and this award comes to confirm this. Over the years we have applied many innovative ideas within Lourdes Studio and they all paid off because we put the best for the models first. Many of the benefits remained implemented only within Lourdes Studio, in the industry.

The latest one, which is actually implemented starting 1st of March, will be another first in the industry. As times change and needs of people do also. Listening to what our models want has always been a priority. Therefore, the newest innovation offered to our models is the freedom to choose their daily schedule, being able to work as little as 6 hours/day or even a 4 days/week.

Thus they have the freedom of having all weekends off if wishing so, without the fear of getting % share cut! We strongly believe that people are most productive when they do not feel pressured on a long hours strict daily schedule, but have the flexibility to choose how much they want to work/earn.


Business Woman of the Year 2023 Award @ Live Cam Awards


Lourdes proudly received the Business Woman of the Year 2023 Award at the 2023 Live Cam Awards Gala.

Of the 10 nominated names, well-known in the industry in this category, five very popular names remained in the final voting system. Lourdes received the most votes and won this trophy which places her in the select list of women who successfully run a video chat business. To receive her trophy, she took the stage with two #lourdesmodels who accompanied her to the gala. While thanking everyone who voted, she said that as usual, models drive the webcam industry.

“The business woman I am today, I became because I was a role model for them, like many others before them, they believed in me. At the same time, our partners are the most important in every industry. Let's cherish them and grow together!”


Lourdes & Lourdes Studio was on everyone's lips @ Live Cam Awards 2023


We just got back from Live Cam Awards and we are so excited and proud! Not less than 6 Special Awards go to Lourdes Studio this year:
1. Business Woman of the Year 2023 - Lourdes
2. Most Innovative Live Cam Studio 2023
3. Mature Live Cam Model 2023 - Missy Jolie
4. Social Media Star 2023 - Elecktra
5. Fetish Cam Model of the Year 2023 - Elenya
6. Romanian Cam Model of the Year 2023 - Awarded by Bonga Cams - Eve Martini
Beyond the idea of trophies, these awards are a recognition of our success and the fact that we are truly professionals!


#lourdesmodels Podcast - MissyJolie


We continue the series of #lourdesmodels Podcasts with the second one, dedicated to our model MissyJolie ♥️ You will discover the pros and cons, challenges and curiosities of an 11-year career as an internationally successful video chat model. Join us and discover the podcast series about and with Lourdes Models!
If you have any further questions, or even want to talk to us personally, in a one on one conversation, you are welcome to let us know. We gladly be there for you! You can either choose to subscribe to our educational channel, or go to our clips channel.


Creativity and a touch of magic


We've always loved creative characters and photos that give us the freedom to express moods, parts of the models' personalities, sparks of imagination. The photo sessions this winter were truly magical.


#lourdesmodels Podcast


Our first #lourdesmodels Podcast is LIVE & dedicated to our first ever Lourdes Model ELECKTRA ♥️
The path of becoming a Top Model - Up‘s & down‘s in a top model’s life
Tips and Tricks along the way... The video chat model that had the most highest earnings appearances, on each & every platform she enchanted everyone with her presence, ♥️ the unique Elecktra - my first guest in my new Podcast series, about and with my special #lourdesmodels. Enjoy us together and all the information that are given!
If you have any further questions, or even want to talk to us personally, in a one on one conversation, you are welcome to let us know. We gladly be there for you! You can either choose to subscribe to our educational channel, or go to our clips channel.


EvieRose won the Model Of The Year trophy


Bonga Cams has rewarded top performing models and our model EvieRose is the winner: Model Of The Year! At the event EvieRose was also a speaker with her colleague Nathaniela, revealing to other models the secrets behind their success. Once again our efforts both as a studio and as a model are appreciated, which makes us very happy.


End of summer or new beginnings?


For #LourdesModels, this summer was a source of good mood and amazing outdoor photo sessions. We love the exuberance of summer days - they were our source of inspiration for memorable pictures that give a fresh air to each model's portfolio.


Live Jasmin Studio Visit & Live Jasmin Party


Red is my favorite color ;)  

Live Jasmin Unleashed Party means exuberance in red! We were very pleased to accept the invitation to this event organized by Live Jasmin, the site we have been collaborating with for the past 12 years. Their parties are always spectacular and this year’s theme was “Red Dress”. Therefore, we chose the most remarkable red dresses we had in our wardrobes, matched them with smiles and we enthusiastically participated in this event. Our photos speak for themselves. 

The next day, we enjoyed the presence of our account manager and of our website’s developers who visited our studio. We talked about the problems we have encountered online and our recommendations, and we enjoyed the attention these topics were treaded with. Sustainable and successful partnerships are based on open communication, and this is what we always receive from Live Jasmin. 


Garden Party Streamate


Seminars for the models, improvement suggestions to increase performance, and cocktails by the pool — that would sum up in a few words the very pleasant experience we've had at the Streamate Garden Party.

With great joy, we received the invitation to the first event organized by the Streamate platform, one of our collaborators from the past few years and a very appreciated one by our Lourdes models. This event is a premiere one if we take into consideration the way it was organized and how it unfolded because we were able to focus and enjoy each moment with one single platform. Our models participated in the seminars during the event, they were able to ask questions and suggest changes, having the opportunity to be in direct contact with the website’s owners. After these seminars — where we learned about everything that is new on the site — we enjoyed some very special moments together while having a cocktail by the pool. Let’s not forget that first and foremost, the basis of a professional relationship is the people and the human side of these events is very important.

Such events are favourable because they provide the right framework for open communication, which is crucial for fruitful collaborations for both parties involved, Thank you, Stramate!


Superheroes both in front of the camera and in real life ;)


Venom, Venom-Carnage, Spiderwoman, Mera, Medusa, and Raven have met in our studio :) You are already used to our original photo sessions @Lourdes Studio, and this time we have recreated the Marvel characters. Each model chose her own Superhero according to her personality and the pictures came out incredibly... real. Our models are Superheroes both in the studio and in the day to day life ;)


8th of March


The biggest surprise came from LiveJasmin, and the message flatters us beyond words: "We love working with the best, which is why we love working with you!"
Thank you wonderful people @ LiveJasmin.


Lourdes Studio received the most prestigious "Hall Of Fame" trophy @ Live Cam Awards


We just got back from Spain from a great event in the video chat industry - Live Cam Awards. We are still excited and very happy about the number of prizes won. We list them below so that you can enjoy them, the ones that follow us.

Studio prizes:
Lourdes - Best Live Cam Coach
Lourdes Studio - Best Live Cam Models Concept
...and the trophy that has never been awarded to any studio in the history of this event: Hall Of Fame - Lourdes Studio.

Model prizes:
VivienneRuth - recognised as the model who created and sold the most content (videos and pictures) - Content creator of the year
Elecktra23 - the model who impressed the most with her curvy beautiful body - Best BBW Live Cam Model


A high-level meeting ;)


Our presence in Spain @ Live Cam Awards event was a great opportunity to meet the representatives of the collaborating sites, to exchange impressions and to plan the next activities together.

We had the pleasure of spending quality time with KarolyPap - CEO of LiveJasmin, his personal assistant, site managers and our account manager. It was a very beautiful meeting with surprises on top :) a huge bouquet of flowers, champagne and appreciation for the results that the Lourdes Studio models have had over the last years.

We really like these trips abroad to top events, because they give us the opportunity to take the pulse of the video chat industry, to meet wonderful people who have a positive vision and a lot of enthusiasm. We feel motivated to continue to grow and perform.


Love à la #lourdesmodel


@ Lourdes Studio we are creative especially when it comes to Love ;) Hearts that decorate body shapes, Cupids with hot bows, rose petals that crown the beauty of the body… red, black, white… any color and theme we choose, our photo shootings are full of personality and… love ;)


A good year is great from the very beginning ;)


2022 seems to be full of surprises for us and the first one that arrived is about the Live Cam Awards. We have just found out that both the Lourdes Studio and our models have received 19 nominations in various categories! 

Missy Jolie
Best Mature Live Cam Model
LiveCam Celebrity of the Year

Vivienne Ruth
Aspiring Live Cam Model of the Year
Content Creator of the Year

Yves Lecroix
Best Female Live Cam Model
Best Premium CamModel

Best Freemium Cam Model

Best Non Nude Live Cam Model

Best Fetish Live Cam Models
Best Mature Live Cam Model

Best BBW Model
Best Live Cam Model Brand
Best Premium CamModel

Live Cam Businesswoman of the Year
Best Live Cam Coach

Lourdes Studio
Most Innovative Live Cam Studio
Best Live Cam Concept
Best Training Program
Best Live Cam Studio

A big thank you to those who nominated us! We can hardly wait for the votes so that we can turn these nominations into as many trophies as possible! ;) 😊


The magic of being a #lourdesmodel


Last week was all about Ice Kingdom theme! 👑❄️🧊✨ We all know, as soon as Christmas approaches, every studio and every model on every platform appears with Santa costumes around the Christmas tree ☺️…
Yes, they are beautiful, and we are going to do them as well, still some different than others though… Surprise coming up soon, stay tuned! 😊

In forehand, our dear Lourdes wanted her #lourdesmodels to be different, to be exquisite and to look glamorous in the same time, so the whole team brainstormed to the special Ice Kingdom topic ✨❄️🧊 Every model had the chance, to be like always whatever she wanted to be 🥰 and this is the outcome of the first week ❤️ #lourdesmodels #lourdesstudio #ice #icekingdom #iceland


The life of a #lourdesmodel


Be it mountain, sea, a sunny or a rainy day ;) we manage to support each other and enjoy the organized, team outings and our personalized photoshoots. Here, at Lourdes Studio, we bond and make friends, some of them lasting a lifetime, and being a model in our team means much more than having a job where you earn a lot of money… it’s a life experience.


Lourdes Studio Celebrates 2021 XBIZ Europa Awards Win as 'Cam Studio of the Year'


Winners were announced Thursday, September 16 during a star-packed virtual ceremony hosted by Manuel Ferrara. BUCHAREST — Lourdes Studio is celebrating its 2021 XBIZ Europa Awards win as "Cam Studio of the Year."
"How do you feel when you are able to add another trophy to your award collection?" a studio rep enthused.

"We can tell you! We feel extremely proud and happy for receiving an award as 'Cam Studio of the Year' at one of the most important shows in the industry — the XBIZ Europe Awards!" "Thank you, Streamate, for nominating us; thank you, XBIZ, for making this possible; and big thanks, also, to everyone that voted for us," added the rep. Click here for a complete list of 2021 XBIZ Awards winners.
Find Lourdes Studio on Instagram.


Romanian Live Cam Model


We are proud that EvieRose, Bonga Cams model, was nominated in the Romanian Live Cam Model category.✨🥂 Today we have as guests in the new studio in Ștefan cel Mare the representatives of the website ❤️, who invitated us to accompany them to the gala of the event.


Excellence starts with the best training


We are happy to have the representatives of the site @streamateofficial @streamateeurope, in our new studio in Stefan cel Mare. Our models had the opportunity to get the information they wanted, directly from the people that matter. This experience was a delight - both literally and figuratively. #lourdesmodels


Specialized trainings, directly from our partners, top international sites


We have been often asked how is it possible that the Lourdes Models earn such high amounts of money? One of the secrets is the continuous training we offer, both through our trainers and through the regular visits we have from the top sites we work with. Today, we had the representatives of the site @livejasmin, in our new studio in Stefan cel Mare. When information is directly received from the best of the best, performance does not take long to arrive! #lourdesmodels & #livejasmin


For us, the nominations for these events are like the Oscars. We feel really excited each and every time. In 2021 alone, we won 3 awards :)

LiveCamAwards - 2021


Lalexpo Awards - 2019