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The story of 13 years of experience of Lourdes Studio Bucharest

I’m Lourdes and I have built success from the both sides of the “fence”: as a model who has succeeded the performance of winning $71529 in a single month and as the owner of a studio who has developed a business strategy that annually records over fifty appearances in the top video chat models with the highest revenues on the international platform Jasmin. This is a guarantee for you, the future franchise owner, that you can count on the support of the best in the field.

We believe in quality above quantity, that is why we work with secure teams of models. While working as a trainer, I realized what it means to have to ability to form a successful model without influencing their personality too much, and this knowledge will be passed on to you, the franchisees. Over time, our turnover became bigger and bigger and inevitably we left our mark on the business and the studio became a family business. We know success comes with perseverance, that is exactly why we get involved in the smallest decisions. The same is true in the development of a franchise partnership. A first step in our development is our recent inauguration of a Timișoara studio, in a luxurious location: the 9th floor of the VOX building. The next targeted city is Cluj and… whichever city you choose, future owner, as your first step in your success story.


The advantages of the Lourdes Studio Franchise

At least five reasons to choose us

The Lourdes Franchise in the ONLY FRANCHISE created by a Top Model, one who knows all the details to be successful in this industry

We guarantee you REGIONAL EXCLUSIVITY so that there will be no competition between franchisees

You will receive access to INTERNATIONAL PLATFORMS, we will facilitate relationships with our partners and you will receive all the know-how for a profitable business

We deliver internationally ACCREDITED TRAININGS, ensuring success for your models and, implicitly, a hefty profit for you

Learn how to earn MILLIONS OF EUROS using our 10+ years experience in the video chat field


You don’t need experience in video chat if you want to open a business in the field. Once you become a franchisee, you will receive all the information and support you need to open a studio with real chances of performance and profit.

However, your success also depends on your personal abilities. It is important for you to have entrepreneurial spirit and even the tiniest experience in project management/team leading. Also, your role will be to coordinate the entire activity of the models, as well as keeping their motivation constantly high. Empathy and communication skills are essential in this area. Working with people can be difficult, but once your team is complete, everything becomes easier. In addition, you will have us by your side at all stages of development, permanently available for you to ask for advice whenever you need it.

We are looking for serious partners, someone who sees beyond the potential profit. We are looking for people who want to evolve based on healthy business values. Do you think you fit the profile? Are you ready for success?
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  • The business plan for your studio, with the required estimated initial investment, depending on the city
  • Assistance in the design and arrangement of your studio, the technical and functional know-how
  • Monthly activity plan for the first three years of operation, with implementation details
  • Marketing plan for recruiting models locally and creating a dedicated page on your website
  • Specialized training in the first three months, thought out for model preparation
  • The training strategy you need to adopt for model retention and revenue growth
  • Access to international video chat platforms and quarterly meetings with our team for continuous development

International awards

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