Gain your financial independence and the lifestyle you desire!

With joy, we announce the opening of our third location in Bucharest - Crângași area! This expansion marks over 16 years of success in the video chat industry and is proof that our values ​​underlie professionalism.

To facilitate your start in this industry, we offer you a MINIMUM GUARANTEED INCOME of 4000 RON in the first 3 months, regardless of your earnings. This way, you can focus on developing your skills without worrying about initial financial aspects. Our trainers' experience will ensure your adaptation to the job requirements and your earnings can exceed thousands of dollars monthly as your experience in the field grows.

Gain your financial independence and the lifestyle you desire! Join the Lourdes Models team! Apply today for the job and come for an interview to get to know us!



Years of experience as model and trainer


International and World-wide prizes


Models trained on-line & on-site worldwide


Qualitative active models in our studios


You are our priority

We have built over 16 years of performance based on a simple but not simplistic principle: we approach the relationship with models based on respect!

We offer you a GUARANTEED MINIMUM INCOME of 4000 RON in the first 3 months regardless of your earnings, so you don't have to worry about money in the beginning. We guarantee this income because we rely on the experience of our trainers who know how to adapt to the personality and character of the beginner model, so that the earnings reflect the desired amounts. As you grow in experience, your income can reach thousands of dollars monthly.


Legal contract

We assure you of total fairness and transparency in our collaboration: we’ll help you set up a legal company with which we will sign a fair collaboration contract, respecting your rights, without any hidden terms.
The collaboration agreement we will sign is completely legal, fair for both parties and offers you the advantage of paying only 1% of your income in taxes, once every three months, as income tax. This way, most of the income remains in your pocket.
The end of our collaboration can be decided by either parties, without any non-compete or exclusivity fees, as you have probably encountered while working with other studios. We want fair and transparent collaborations.

50 - 60% of earnings

We have been practicing in the video chat industry for over twelve years and we rely on healthy values that guarantee us long-term collaborations with our models. Your earnings will be somewhere between 50 - 60% and will be paid every month on the 10th, for the previous month.
We exclude from the start the offshore or Summit payments (as you probably know that it is practiced in other studios), and you won’t even sign any copyright agreement with us, which usually include subtle clauses that force you to rethink any ending to the collaboration. We treat every relationship with our models on a personal level, with fairness and equity.

Flexible work schedule

You will be able to choose from one of the two shifts from Monday to Friday: the day shift or the night shift. You have the freedom to choose as you wish, as long as the contract is respected. Most of our models ask for a nine-hour workday because it increases their performance and thus, their income. Of course, no one will force you to work more than nine hours a day, but we chose to give our models the freedom to adopt a longer working day and so we ended up with just two shifts.

Moreover, models that manage to reach the $10,000 performance before the 14-day period ends, which is between 1-15 or 15-31, have the rest of the days free. And yes, you also get days off if you reach that amount after 3 or 5 days from the start of the period. At Lourdes Studio we have always appreciated the involvement and performance that comes with it and we believe that these models need time off to recover and to take care of them.

Internationally award-winning training & 24/7 support

You will have permanent technical, professional, and emotional support from our team. This is the most important advantage when working with a studio, and not on your own.
We support and encourage you. We offer you professional and internationally awarded TRAINING, developed by Lourdes herself - a model with excellent performances. We’ll make sure you’ll learn all the details, “secrets” and tricks to help you earn thousands of dollars. You will have a PERSONAL TRAINER who will be with you on the road to success in those first three months of collaboration. After this very important period in your progress as a video chat model, you can be assisted whenever you wish, so that you never feel alone when you need support.

A safe job - 4000 RON guaranteed

We ensure you a total fairness and transparency in our collaboration, so that you have a generous and safe monthly income. We guarantee a MINIMUM INCOME of 4000 RON in the first three months, regardless of your winnings, so that you won’t have to worry about money in the beginning. We guarantee you will earn this amount because we rely on our trainers experience, who know how to adapt to the character and personality of the beginner model, so that the receipts reflect the desired amounts.

Holidays, bonuses, contests

As a videochat model, you will earn a lot of money, but bonuses and holidays will always be on the agenda, too. We organize themed contests where the winners enjoy personalized gifts: days of pampering at the spa, gift baskets full of goodies, holidays accompanied by a photographer for breathtaking photo sessions, weekend escape for two... and the list goes on. You will definitely feel pampered with us!

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