• I started my activity as a video chat model in the Lourdes Studio eight years ago, in a pretty difficult period of my life, but with the help and support of the Lourdes Studio team I easily overcame those difficulties. Although, at first, I didn’t know what to expect and what my future would hold, Lourdes made sure to guide me throughout the years and be a true friend for me. She taught me how to use my emotions and fear in my favor. She supported me and assured me that I would succeed in everything I decide to do. I am very happy to have joined this team and, at the same time, I am most happy to have an evolution based on the wonderful experiences I’ve lived! I admit, it was hard for me at first considering my age and the fact that it was a new industry for me, but I had help at every step, and those emotions and experiences made me become the strong woman that I am today.
    In addition to the huge amounts of money I earn each month, I also had the opportunity to visit so many wonderful and exciting places and that is all thanks to the competitions that the studio organized and that I won - shootings in impressive locations, things I would not have thought possible for me to experience. I have won awards that have brought me wonderful experiences and I am grateful that Lourdes has always believed in me.
    I say this with confidence and a lot of love: Lourdes helps you fulfill any dream and grow as a person, no matter the period of your life you find yourself in. Regardless of the situation, Lourdes and my colleagues will support you constantly and will be there for you when you need it! I am proud of the woman I have become and my strong character, stronger than ever!
  • For me, Lourdes Studio is more than a video chat studio. From the moment you step into the studio for the first time, you can see the professionalism and attention given to every detail by all team members. I felt comfortable and protected, guided with every step - like I had next to me a parent who only wants what’s best for me. That was the feeling that Bianca, my trainer, left me with. I am grateful to have met the right people who have shaped me as a successful model and woman. I was aware that I first needed to refine and understand my femininity so that I could then become a successful model. Lourdes took care of all aspects of my training and I can’t thank her enough for that!
  • I’m Evie and I’ve been a Lourdes model for 2 years, although I started as a make-up artist. Seeing how much professionalism is put in by the entire team in the evolution of their models, I decided that I also wanted to be a model, under the guidance of a special woman who herself has been a successful model in the past - Lourdes. Now I am in the midst of the process, a beautiful evolution both as a woman and from a financial standpoint, being independent at only 21 years old. Without them I wouldn’t have made it and I would have found myself stuck in the society’s stereotypes, stopped dreaming and stagnated. That is why I thank them for all their support, patience and professionalism.
  • I am Vivienne Ruth and I am proud to be a part of the Lourdes Studio. Ever since I chose to excel in this industry, I have been motivated and inspired by our top models. I set out to get to be amongst them, to get to know them, to share experiences, ideas and successes, but above all to feel supported and encouraged. These experiences pushed me to desire even more success, to push my own limits and overcome prejudices. Also, in this community, I understood that the most important thing in what it means to be a successful model is my involvement and the support provided by a professional team. I created strong connections with the other models in our team, received advice and guidance from the best trainers and I was guided by Lourdes herself, a leader and an extraordinary woman.
  • I am Elenya and I’ve been a part of the Lourdes team for almost 5 years now, last 3 of those years I spent as a Lourdes Academy model. The decision to choose this job came at a time in my life when I wanted financial freedom and so much more. Looking back to what my life looked like before I made this decision, I can honestly say that I never thought I would become a video chat model, but I never regretted making this choice. Lourdes Studio was the first and, as I said before, my only choice and it will remain the same one as long as I will work in the industry. Lourdes Studio is not just an ordinary video chat studio, Lourdes Studio means “home”, “family”, it means “team” - a team that supported me in all aspects of my life, both when I was in the studio and ever since I became a Lourdes Academy model. Lourdes Studio is a team of amazing, serious people, focused on performance and overcoming their own limitations.
  • I’m Elecktra and I started working as an online model in the Lourdes Studio when I was 23 years old. I remember with great fondness and excitement the moments spent together from the very beginning, when Lourdes and I opened the doors of our studio for the first time, in Bucharest.
    We have felt countless times the satisfaction of ranking in the top of international rankings, we have savored so many experiences that made us proud and that we celebrated with great pleasure. With love, involvement and a lot of work, you can fulfill any dream you may have. You just have to want it badly enough and to be persevering. And Lourdes has always had the gift of making everything seem easier to achieve and to make you see for yourself that dreams can really come true!
  • I started working as a video chat model during a very difficult time in my life, when I faced unimaginable personal problems. I have never imagined that, at the age of 31, my life and career could take such a turn, which is the reason why I feel extremely happy and fulfilled in all aspects of my life. Lourdes changed my life.
  • I am Natalie and it has been four years since I have been a part of the select team of cam-girls of the Lourdes Studio. Even now I can remember the day I called for an interview; I was determined to perform well at this job and I knew that I needed a team of professional and passionate people to achieve my goals…

We inaugurated
Lourdes Studio Timișoara

Discover the newest Lourdes Studio location! Settled in an exclusive building, on the 9th floor of VOX, you will be delighted by the luxury decorations and premium working conditions! We inaugurated the new studio in Timișoara in January 2021, with a lot of enthusiasm and emotions!

The seven rooms of the studio are stylishly designed and meant to create a glamorous and relaxing atmosphere for our models. Although the location is new, the Lourdes standard remains just as high: we offer excellent working conditions, internationally acclaimed training, a minimum income of 4000 RON guaranteed starting from the first month and a fair and transparent collaboration contract.


At least 6 reasons to choose Lourdes Studio

the offered

Legal contract

We assure you of total fairness and transparency in our collaboration: we’ll help you set up a legal company with which we will sign a fair collaboration contract, respecting your rights, without any hidden terms.
The collaboration agreement we will sign is completely legal, fair for both parties and offers you the advantage of paying only 1% of your income in taxes, once every three months, as income tax. This way, most of the income remains in your pocket.
The end of our collaboration can be decided by either parties, without any non-compete or exclusivity fees, as you have probably encountered while working with other studios. We want fair and transparent collaborations.

50 - 60% of earnings

We have been practicing in the video chat industry for over twelve years and we rely on healthy values that guarantee us long-term collaborations with our models. Your earnings will be somewhere between 50 - 60% and will be paid every month on the 10th, for the previous month.
We exclude from the start the offshore or Summit payments (as you probably know that it is practiced in other studios), and you won’t even sign any copyright agreement with us, which usually include subtle clauses that force you to rethink any ending to the collaboration. We treat every relationship with our models on a personal level, with fairness and equity.

Internationally award-winning training & 24/7 support

You will have permanent technical, professional, and emotional support from our team. This is the most important advantage when working with a studio, and not on your own.
We support and encourage you. We offer you professional and internationally awarded TRAINING, developed by Lourdes herself - a model with excellent performances. We’ll make sure you’ll learn all the details, “secrets” and tricks to help you earn thousands of dollars. You will have a PERSONAL TRAINER who will be with you on the road to success in those first three months of collaboration. After this very important period in your progress as a video chat model, you can be assisted whenever you wish, so that you never feel alone when you need support.

A safe job - 4000 RON guaranteed

We ensure you a total fairness and transparency in our collaboration, so that you have a generous and safe monthly income. We guarantee a MINIMUM INCOME of 4000 RON in the first three months, regardless of your winnings, so that you won’t have to worry about money in the beginning. We guarantee you will earn this amount because we rely on our trainers experience, who know how to adapt to the character and personality of the beginner model, so that the receipts reflect the desired amounts.

Flexible work schedule

You will be able to choose from one of the two shifts from Monday to Friday: the day shift or the night shift. You have the freedom to choose as you wish, as long as the number of necessary working hours are completed. Most of our models ask for a nine-hour workday because it increases their performance and thus, their income. Of course, no one will force you to work more than nine hours a day, but we chose to give our models the freedom to adopt a longer working day and so we ended up with just two shifts.

Holidays, bonuses, contests

As a video chat model, you will earn a lot of money but bonuses and holidays will always be on the agenda, too.
We grant monthly bonuses of 1000 RON every time you manage to achieve the most hours of work or the most hours spent in private sessions in the studio. We organize themed contests where the winners enjoy personalized gifts. We will make you feel spoiled!

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    The decision to open a new business involves a series of risks. The Lourdes franchise comes with the safety of an experience that can guarantee you risk reduction, because we can tell you what to pay attention to, how much the initial investment should be, how long until you make a profit, etc.

    You don’t need video chat experience in order to open a business in this field. Once you become a franchisee, you will receive all the information and support you need to open a studio with a real chance of reaching success and profit.



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