What do you choose: to judge yourself?
Or to discover the grand purpose of your life?

I understand and know the feeling experienced by most of us - who have the role of Website Models: either we judge ourselves for practicing this job, or we wonder how we ended up making this decision.

I also know that for most of us, financial resources are the decisive factor that pushes and motivates us to practice this profession, the monthly earnings being higher than in many other fields, both in the country and abroad. Throughout life, we accumulate limiting thoughts and beliefs, which constrain us and often make us feel guilty, inadequate with our choices, not good enough... and they prevent us from evolving in everyday life. I know all this because I have experienced them myself, in all the roles I have had and still have as a woman: former online model with international performance, wife, and mother of 3 children.

But in the last year and a half, I was given the opportunity to discover a great GIFT, which I want to share with you: the gift of discovering that every action we take in this life has a purpose, often a grand one. Even if we dedicate ourselves to this profession and even if we judge ourselves for it, it is not just an immoral thing, as society claims, and not something we should hide. Through the alternative methods studied in the last year and a half, starting in 2023, I discovered why I chose this path. Of course, my reason is not necessarily your reason. However, together we can discover the hidden motives behind your choices, what is the path of your life.

I can support and guide you through alternative methods, such as ThetaHealing®, Recall Healing® and the Tools of the Shamanic Medicine Wheel in individual therapies, which are free for Lourdes Models. I offer you all my expertise accumulated in this field and all the alternative medicine tools I have studied, such as ThetaHealing®, Recall Healing® and the Inca Shamanic Medicine Wheel.

You are a Website Model, you are a Woman, you are the Architect of your life! I am here to support and guide you towards discovering your authentic self!
With love and empathy, Lourdes