Meet EvieRose

What could be better than a graceful babe in a sexy outfit, teasing you with her smoking hot body and seductive lips? Just one glance from this sexy lady will charm you! Her eyes are full of passion and raw sexuality that will drive you absolutely crazy. Meet EvieRose, a dark haired beauty who will seduce and melt your heart.

How long have you been a web-cam model? Do you remember how your first weeks were?

My first week as a model was a hard week, full of new information, people and situations, but with a supportive team behind me, I managed to go through it.

What did you buy with the first money you've earned?

I remember the first thing I bought with the first money I earned was new pieces for my car.

What's your favorite thing about the cam site you work with?

The unexpected moments that make me happy are the things that I love about BongaCams, because sometimes maybe you have a hard day but in this community members are like friends, most of them, so they are going to help you to feel better!

How do you get ready for broadcasts?

Looong process, makeup, hair, choosing an outfit and in the end I'm changing my outfit 3-4 times because I'm undecided and I want the best look every day.

Imagine you could be anyone for a day, whom would you choose?

If I could be someone for a day, I would choose to be myself but the best version i can get, so I can see where i have to be after that promo day with my best version.

How do you feel about romance?

I am romantic. I' love romantic situations and passion. I like to be intrigued by a man so I definitely prefer romance than a rough sexual affair.

In your opinion, what is the sexiest part about a woman?

Hmm, probably lips and a small waist and a nice cooler.

If you were able to ask for 3 wishes right now, what would you ask for?

I would ask for shelters for homeless animals all over the world, my dream car and a happy life on an island.

What would you like to tell your fans?

Be kind, try to look after the image and try to get to know the person, the human, because that's the most important, not just appearance, you might have a new friend afterward.


Tell us a memorable cam life experience

My first private was a moment to remember because I was a newbie and it was about some fetish stuff, which was hard for me to understand at that time, imagine myself having a shocked face while i'm trying to please the person.

Is there any advice you would give to future webcam models?

Be patient, don't think you deserve everything, you don't and be happy with what you have or try to get more in a kind way.

Are looks more important or the brain in this industry?

I think both, a man is welcomed by the look but he's gonna stay if you have brain, if not he’s gonna run even if u look like a doll.

What was the most pleasant thing that a member did for you? You can mention him if you like.

The most wonderful thing a member did to me was to support me in the contest, being there for me all the time and surprise me with his kindness, so he deserves a thank you!

How did you decide to become a model?

I became a model because of my passion for cars. Everyone knows I love cars, my car needed to be fixed so I found a way to both finance myself while having the best time of my life!