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Why video chat?
Video chat advantages

Because video chat is not only a job, it is a way of living a life of luxury. It is the way you can learn to be an elegant, financially independent, refined woman, a woman who is successful in life. We, at Lourdes Studio Video Chat Bucharest, can offer you the opportunity to develop a successful career. With us by your side, you will have specialized and internationally recognized training, which will help you earn the kind of money you have always wanted. This way you will have everything you dreamt of: a luxurious wardrobe, holidays in exotic destinations, and pampering will be something you get used to. In addition, your own car and your dream home will become a reality.

But the benefits won’t stop there…

You will work in a top Video Chat Studio in Bucharest, which you will appreciate from day one. The professionalism we offer will make you proud of your choice and you will feel supported step by step, from day one.

So choose to video chat within our studio and be financially independent!

Why work with the best video chat studio in Romania?

Top models must be offered the best working conditions, for them to show their true potential. At Bucharest Lourdes Video Chat Studio we make sure that all the conditions are met so that you have pleasant working experiences with us by your side. That way, you will feel at ease from the beginning, as a video chat model. If you choose to become a model with us, in the first three months you will have your own trainer, an experienced and very well trained person who will offer you specialized training, will explain all the secrets of the industry and will guide you to develop a style according to your personality.

Moreover, you will learn how to win top earnings and you will earn a monthly income of thousands of dollars, well above the average earnings in Bucharest, Romania. The video chat industry is a unique opportunity that should not be missed. We offer you the opportunity to grow on all levels of your life: financial, emotional, and professional. Working as a video chat model in the Lourdes studio is a sure way to earn a lot of money.

What do we actually offer?

Flexible schedule - you can make your own work schedule, depending on your preferences and your personal schedule. What’s important is to respect the number of working hours you have to spend online.

Substantial income - working with the Bucharest Lourdes Video Chat Studio you will earn more than you could have imagined. Our models have revenues of tens of thousands of dollars and this is only due to our experience that we offer to pass on to each new model that we have in the agency.

Central location - we have two luxury locations in Bucharest, so you will be able to work from anywhere you want, whichever location is closer to you.

We will help you create a success story - because every person deserves to be recognized for their merits, we assure you that you will be successful in your online modeling career.


Sounds too good to be true?
See the testimonial of a model who chose us!

Lourdes Studio was the first and, as I said before, my only choice, for as long as I work in this field. Lourdes Studio is not just a video chat studio, Lourdes Studio means "home", "family", it means "team" — a team that has supported me in all aspects of life, both when I was in the studio and also since I’m a model for the Lourdes Academy.
Lourdes Studio is a team of wonderful, serious people, focused on performance and on overcoming their own limits. Being a video chat model involves a lot of work, sleepless hours, seriousness, and dedication, but when you have people by your side who support you, all these efforts turn into accomplishments.
In all these years I have won on many levels, personal or not: I have become financially independent which is the best thing, I have discovered myself as a woman and I have no regrets that I chose this path apart from the fact that I did not choose to do start earlier. Video chat does not mean nudity and sex, video chat is not just "porn", video chat means first and foremost intelligence. Lourdes is the studio I would recommend to one of my dearest friends, with all my heart, because I know it is the road to performance.

Hiring conditions for the Bucharest Lourdes Video Chat Studio

  • English knowledge - it is a very important aspect and that is because all our customers are international
  • Seriousness - we offer you the opportunities and all the confidence you need, and the only thing you need to do is take advantage of these opportunities and prove that you are a serious person who sticks to the program and the work.
  • Neat appearance - because video chat models gain their winnings through their refined image, we want you to always look put together in order to maintain your reputation.

Fă parte din familia Lourdes!

Choose to work with our Bucharest video chat studio and you will have a more beautiful and luxurious life than you could have imagined! Unlimited opportunities, incredibly high earning, popularity, and the opportunity to learn all the tricks a woman should know… and these are just a few of the advantages you would have if you choose to work with us. We invite you to discover the rest of the benefits in an interview and to discover the Lourdes studios. So let’s get in touch right now and start our collaboration!