We have opened another Lourdes Studio video chat location
in the Ștefan cel Mare area, in Bucharest

Bucharest Video-Chat Jobs — real earnings, unlimited benefits

In August, we took the champaign out from the freezer and inaugurated a new videochat studio in Bucharest — The Lourdes Studio, in the Ștefan cel Mare area. Emotions were at an all-time high, but we embraced this important moment in the evolution of Lourdes Studio. It is a premium videochat studio and it offers our models the best working conditions to perform. We are sure that we have raised the standard in the videochat employment in Bucharest!

The story of the Lourdes Studio

Nine years ago, when I first opened my first videochat studio, I was an international model with amazing results (I have made $71.529 in a single month) and I had one dream: to give other girls the chance to make lots of money, too, doing a job they enjoy.

I am Lourdes — the owner of the studios with the same name and I have developed a business strategy that annually records over 50 appearances in the top videochat models with the highest revenues, on international platforms. 

The inauguration of our new studio it's a proof of our success, seriousness, and perseverance. 

The new location offers other young women the chance to earn over $10.000 per month. Come and join our successful team and choose to work with people who offer videochat jobs in Bucharest, while also giving you the opportunity to be independent!


Our new Lourdes Studio in the Ștefan cel Mare area, in Bucharest, is a luxurious location with a common reception and relaxation area, a section for make-up, offices for the training and media departments, spaces for meetings, relaxation, and dining. 

Even more benefits

The model training department is equipped with high-performance computers, each with two or more monitors that allow viewing of several models. The computers also have audio speakers and model monitoring programs, in order to provide technical support and real-time training in situations where guidance from trainers is necessary or needed.

The area dedicated to make-up has tables for professional make-up that have multiple compartments for cosmetics and which are equipped with adequate, professional lighting. We make sure that the daily make-up routine is made using luxury products, as easy and fast as possible.

The common relaxation areas are equipped with quality sofas and armchairs, with tea and coffee tables, as well as decorative elements so that we have created an atmosphere that invites relaxation and meditation when models and staff take their necessary breaks or reach the end of a working day. 

Each one of the 15 rooms is furnished with luxury furniture, decorated with style and personality so that our models feel relaxed and pampered. And because we highly respect the hygiene standards — especially in the videochat field we are working on — we made sure to build each room with its private bathroom. This detail gives our models the comfort they need to prepare and perform during their working hours. 

Discover your true potential!

Although in a new location, the standard of the Lourdes Studio remains just as high in the videochat employment field: we offer excellent working conditions, internationally awarded training, a guaranteed minimum income of 4.000 lei starting with the first month, a transparent and fair collaboration contract. 

Also, in the first three months, each model is assigned a trainer who guides the model step by step: she advises her on what outfits to wear, introduces her to the studio rules, accompanies her and prepares her for photo sessions, advises her and even communicates with her on the private chat on what subjects/topics to broach with her clients. This way, the videochat model learns to develop her own style based on behavioural know-how developed by Lourdes over her 14 years of activity.

VDo you want to be financially independent and work in luxurious conditions? Let’s get to know each other in an interview — Lourdes Studio in Bucharest guarantees you an incredibly beautiful videochat hiring experience.